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26th March 2016
Quantum Break Episode Pack Now Available for Download

If you've bought Quantum Break as a digital pre-order, you can begin to prepare for next month by pre-downloading the game now, allowing you to play it as soon as 5th April hits.

While the option to pre-download your game has been available for a while, the ability to download the episode pack is pretty recent.

So, what is the episode pack? As Quantum Break mixes gameplay and a live action television show, there's four twenty-two minute episodes that will play out during your experience, after the game's "junction points". The show changes depending on the choices you make throughout the game (not just during the junctions). As there's so much interaction in the game, there's around 40 different changes that the player can make which directly impacts the game. So the size of the download is representative of that, and is 75.61 GB.

Do you need to download the episode pack? Not if you don't want to. Those with internet connectivity issues may want to, just so the experience is slightly smoother. The live action episodes aren't available on the disc and are actually going to be streamed as you reach them. If you're planning on playing on Windows 10, you won't be able to download the episode pack however.

Click HERE to view the episode pack on the XBOX store.


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