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26th March 2016
Impressive Quantum Break Window Advertisement in Toronto

Checking out the Quantum Break tag on Instagram this evening, I saw something which immediately grabbed my attention.

It was a photograph of a store window in Toronto with a broken pane, with an armoured guard midway through falling back into it. The helmet he has on has shattered the glass, causing a distortion effect for anyone who tries to look in. There are some tables and chairs and pieces of paper but nothing looks too clear, except the logo on his uniform. On the guard's helmet is the Monarch Solutions logo, and matching identification on his arm informing passerbys as he's from "Monarch Security". A very faint impression of blood can be found on the glass but it can be easily missed.

Walking around to the other window, you get a very different perspective. The glass isn't cracked here and you can see the frozen chaos taking place inside the room.

Fancy in store display at Queen / Spadina, likely an ad for Quantum Break. #quantumbreak

A photo posted by Stephen McGill (@steve_mcgill) on

This a very cool piece of advertising of Quantum Break and a great way of capturing people's attention and interest. I really like this kind of thing! :)


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