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1st March 2016
XBOX Showcase Round Up / Quantum Break Embargo Lifts
[New Gameplay Footage] Updated!

Last Thursday, a group from Remedy travelled to San Francisco to attend the XBOX Showcase which featured the upcoming title, Quantum Break. Today, the embargo has been lifted on all Quantum Break information and news discussed at the event, and there is a lot!

Several of the articles I read today contained potential spoilers, not massive story ones, but the kind which goes into detail about a particular surprise. If you're trying to avoid all spoilers, keep an eye out for warnings!

Check out our list of Quantum Break gameplay, article and impressions released today, below. You can find out more about the XBOX Showcase on the Official Quantum Break site, HERE.

Quantum Break Crosses Time and Platforms

Starting an Xbox One session from the comfort of your couch, then continuing on your work cubicle’s PC can also be cost-effective. Those who digitally pre-order the game on Xbox One get the Windows 10 version at no additional charge. We don’t recommend playing while you’re on the clock, but Quantum Break‘s 20-minute live-action episodes – spliced between its gameplay acts – can easily be consumed during a lunch break.

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On Building Dueling Narratives in Quantum Break

Peppered through Quantum Break are moments in which players are asked to make major decisions--these are called junction points. Decisions made at these junctions will permanently affect the course of the game's narrative, as well as determine what you see in the following show episode. GameSpot sat down with Greg Louden, narrative designer on Quantum Break, to talk more about the story's influences and just how deep the time-travel hole goes.

Click HERE for the article.

Quantum Break's Live-Action Episodes Are Streamed To Save Hard Drive And Disc Space
Game Informer

Remedy Entertainment's upcoming action title Quantum Break looks to combine elements of a live-action TV drama with the choice-based gameplay to deliver a unique experience. Remedy has confirmed to us that the live-action episodes that play following each act of the game will stream to your Xbox One or Windows 10 PC remotely when the game launches in April.

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Translation: We love these Quantum Break themed XBOX One controller concepts. Which is your favourite? (If you had to choose one?)

55 Minutes of Quantum Break Gameplay
During the Microsoft Spring Showcase we were treated to Quantum Break. This new game from Remedy gives you the ability to manipulate time to solve puzzles, stop bullets, and stop your foes. Because we had an embargo that made us separate the gameplay into 20 minute chunks we wanted to put it all in one place so you could get an idea of what you can expect from this time bending shooter. Below you can find our three part walkthrough of the games first act, and beginning of the second act.

Click HERE to see the videos.

Quantum Break is Now One of My Most Anticipated Games of 2016 

Quantum Break seems like an incredibly nice change of pace, and it has firmly secured a spot as one of my most anticipated games of 2016 for a number of reasons. The story, the visuals, the gameplay, the live-action television show, these all feel like invigorating and fresh qualities for the genre and the industry as a whole. Remedy seems to have knocked it out of the park with the game at this point in time. Of course, whether or not it will hold up in its final release remains to be seen, but I’m chomping at the bit to find out.

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Quantum Break is full of Alan Wake Easter Eggs

One of the first sequences in Quantum Break takes place on a university campus where things quickly fall apart, at which point the player is quickly rushed from one building to the next. However, if you stop and examine the scenery, you'll sometimes be rewarded — like in the above sequence, where we stumbled onto a lecture hall blackboard covered with frantic scribblings about Alan Wake.

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Check Out Our Captured Video of Quantum Break’s Opening Act

We had a good look at the first full act of Microsoft’s exclusive Windows 10 and Xbox One title, Quantum Break. The new story-based shooter from Remedy Entertainment, the maker of Alan Wake and Max Payne, features Jack Joyce (played by actor Shawn Ashmore) as a man who can manipulate time because of a scientific experiment that goes awry. Joyce has to act fast to stop his friend, Paul Serene, from executing a diabolical plan that will bring about the end of time.

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Quantum Break’s time-bending first act is meant to blow your mind

Remedy Entertainment pioneered the use of the slow-motion, Matrix-like “bullet time” in video games in Max Payne way back in 2001. It carried slow-motion combat to new levels in Alan Wake, from 2010. And now the developer is changing time itself with its newest action-shooter, Quantum Break.

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Quantum Break: Time is Broken

There is a lot going on behind the action in Quantum Break. Developer Remedy Entertainment has brought on experts of quantum theory in order to test their story and ensure it conforms to the science behind theories of time travel and the way time works in relation to our reality. This is also present in the game through journal entries and world building elements spread throughout each level.

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Quantum Break Interview: Remedy’s Head of PR Talks About the Game, the Show, the Ending and Much More

Quantum Break is speeding towards its massively anticipated release for Xbox One and Windows 10th on April 5th, and to learn more about the game, I talked with Remedy Entertainment Head of PR Thomas Puha at Microsoft’s Xbox Spring Showcase in Los Angeles.

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Quantum Break Plays Like a Dream

Remedy PR head Thomas Puha calls Quantum Break "the ultimate Remedy game," which doubles down on the studio's love of live-action while fitting the mold of a, "stylized, cinematic action game." The studio might not have made Max Payne 3, but Alan Wake's psychological thriller bent didn't dull Remedy's pure action sensibilities.

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Watch Us Unleash Time-Manipulation Powers And Affect The Future In Quantum Break GameInformer

Quantum Break is the next game from Remedy Entertainment, the studio that has brought us Max Payne and Alan Wake. While we still have a little over a month before it hits Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs, we were able to play through the entire first act to see how the guns feel, how the time-manipulation powers work in conjunction, and what a junction point really means for the game and associated TV show.

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