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26th February 2016
Rumour: Remedy Registers "Alan Wake's Return"

Update #1 (5/3/2016): It looks like Alan Wake's Return is actually a television series within Quantum Break, similar to Lords and Ladies in the Max Payne series. For more information, check out Kotaku UK's interview about it HERE.

Wait...What? Several sites including IGN, Eurogamer and Polygon have been reporting some action with the Alan Wake brand. It turns out that Remedy recently registered "Alan Wake's Return" with the OHIM (Office for the Harmonization in the Internal Market) which covers trade marks and designs. The information showed up on the European site, maybe teasing at something in the works?

It's important to note that Remedy hasn't made an official announcement or comment regarding the news.

A lot of fans have been speculating what this could mean for the series. It could be the first emergence of Alan Wake 2. At the end of The Writer DLC pack, the protagonist is seen starting a new manuscript, this time entitled Return by Alan Wake. Additionally "Return" is one of the stages in Joseph Campbell's "Hero's Journey" Monomyth which has been mentioned in both This House of Dreams and Quantum Break as direct connections to the Alan Wake series.

Additionally, it could be part of a spin off series like Alan Wake's American Nightmare. Similarly the Tomb Raider franchise is actually split into two series; Tomb Raider and Lara Croft. The latter is more like a spin off series which explores the original style in a new way. Maybe this could be part of an "Alan Wake's" spin off series?

No one knows for certain and until Remedy begins to talk about it, everything is just speculation. But even the idea is pretty exciting!

Thank you to Justin for originally messaging me about this!


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