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4th February 2016
The Sudden Stop's Fourth Anniversary

Today marks The Sudden Stop's fourth anniversary! It's been a weird and wonderful past few years, and to celebrate, I wanted to take a look at a selection of some of my favourite moments and big events which happened in the community, on the website and at Remedy over the past four years.

Thank you to everyone who has supported the site! :)

The Sudden Stop's Launch
Four years ago, I decided to be brave and post a link to my site on the Remedy forums. Then I ran away for a few hours because I had filled out my bravery quota for that day. Honestly, it was one of the best decisions I've made. It's been a really interesting and fun past four years.

Alan Wake on PC
Less than two weeks after I launched the site, Alan Wake was released on PC which gave a new audience the chance to follow Wake on his adventure. This was the start of a crazy list of things that was released that month.

Interview with Ilkka Villi
My very first interview on the site was with Ilkka Villi, the live action actor behind Alan Wake and Mr Scratch. The interview was planned before the announcment of American Nightmare, but was done after. I am so glad it worked that way around, especially as he had additional roles in the new game. Read the interview, HERE.

Before Tyler or Cam, there was PottedPlantRMD. A plastic plant from the future who wandered into Mikki's (Story Team Manager) office and declared new employment. The thread on the forums soon became a sort of meme in the community. Check out the thread, HERE.

Mikki's XCOM Away Team
Later that year, after his fight with the futuristic plant, Mikki decided to recruit a group of soldiers in his fight against alien forces in XCOM. My favourite character was perhaps Pickman, an unusual fellow who thought about the poetic meanings of an empty tin can as alien blasts shot above his head. Pickman also carried on the memory of my character, after Mikki betrayed me and killed me first. That traitor. 

Interview with Fred Berman
I had the unique opportunity to interview Fred Berman in December 2012. He voiced community-favourites, Vinnie Gognitti and Barry Wheeler.

Interview with Christopher Forsyth
To celebrate The Sudden Stop's 1st Anniversary, I spoke to Christopher Forysth who plays Jake Fisher in the Bright Falls mini-series, a prequel to Alan Wake.

Quantum Break Announced
Wait... what?! The announcement of a new IP by Remedy at the XBOX One Reveal event took everyone by surprise. Rewatch the announcement, HERE.

Alan Wake Humble Bundle
Following the announcement of Quantum Break at the XBOX One event, Remedy returned to the topic of Alan Wake in a new video. Sam Lake (Creative Director) explained the reasons why the sequel wasn't here just yet and announced the new Humble Bundle, themed on Wake's adventures. The amount of new information they released was insane. 

Interview with Kathy Tong
In 2014, I interviewed the lovely Kathy Tong, the actor behind Mona Sax in Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne. Read the interview, HERE.

A Tour of Remedy
In 2013, I travelled to Helsinki on a Summer vacation. During the week, I got to do cool things like go to a sandy beach for the first time, got attacked by a passive aggressive seagull, went to a Poets of the Fall gig, got confused about ham and visited Remedy.

Poets of the Fall's 10th Anniversary
The Sudden Stop celebrated the band's 10th anniversary with a week-long event featuring new articles and guest writers. Check out the articles, HERE.

Advent Calendar
In December, to celebrate the festive season, we had an advent calendar going on throughout the month. It was a lot of work to maintain but was also pretty fun. Check out the articles, HERE.

Gamescom 2014
Remedy spoke more about their upcoming sci-fi game, Quantum Break, at Gamescom. Sam took to the stage to introduce the first look at some gameplay footage which showed Jack exploring a time stutter Check out the coverage, HERE.

Interview with Brett Madden
Returning to our Alan Wake roots, I spoke to Brett Kelly (nee Madden) about portraying Alice Wake. Read our interview, HERE.

Kristy's 200 Milestone
Early in 2015, Kristy, also known online as InvisibleRain celebrated her 200th piece of Alan Wake fan art. It was an incredible milestone!
Image by InvisibleRain.

Cosplay Week
In Spring 2015, at the start of convention season, I spoke to three talented cosplayers about their hobby. Emme Gray (Alan Wake cosplayer), StevenCojo (Max Payne cosplayer) and Sara Croft (Lara Croft cosplayer and guest writer).
Image by StevenCojo.

Gamescom 2: Gamescom Harder (2015)
The following year, Remedy returned to Gamescom, this time with more exciting announcements. Accompanying Sam on the stage was Shawn Ashmore, who was newly revealed actor for Jack Joyce.

Remedy Turns 20!
In 2015, Remedy celebrated twenty years in the video game industry!

The Return of the Mysterious A.W.E.
In late 2015, Remedy registered two trademarks for "A.W.E" also known as "Altered World Events". Following the announcement, the community began to see patterns of previous A.W.E mentions throughout the past few years. They're heeeeeere.

Game Informer Coverage
To finish off the year, Game Informer featured Jack Joyce on the cover of their November issue. Fans were also treated to a month-worth of new and exclusive content which ranged from tours to interviews, articles and even new artwork.

Community Spotlight
My personal favourite feature on the site is Community Spotlight which gives the opportunity to talk about some of the amazing projects happening in the Remedy community.
Image by AleooW.


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