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20th February 2016
Quantum Break Has Gone Gold

Yesterday Remedy celebrated some incredible news and an impressive milestone in their company career, as Quantum Break has now gone gold.

For those who don't know, a title going gold pretty much means that everything is finalised and finished, and that there is a complete game from start to finish out there and waiting to be published. It's now out of Remedy's hands and they are officially completed. It also confirms that the game will be out on 5th April as promised.

While Remedy has celebrated numerous titles going gold in the past, this one is even more special. Quantum Break blends numerous mediums together, and introduces a new style of gaming. On it's own it would be an ambitious game, but coupled with the live action television show and having them stay within the continuity, is an incredible achievement. No project is without challenge, especially in the video game industry, but the game had presented new obstacles and opportunities to learn that no other developer has had to face. That's awesome.

A huge congratulations to all at Remedy for going gold with Quantum Break.


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