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22nd January 2016
Quantum Break: Zero State
A New Book Coming Out This April [Updated]

It looks like there might be a new Quantum Break novel on the horizon! Today it was revealed that "Quantum Break: Zero State" will arrive sometime this April. The novel is written by one of Remedy's writers, Cam Rogers and will expand on the QB universe.

Not much is known about the project apart from those details. I'll update the site with any new announcements!


Jack Joyce who, with his newly gained superpowers, fights the nefarious Monarch corporation to stop the end of time. Epic moments of destruction, frozen in chaotic “time stutters,” become playgrounds for intense combat and a gripping story. An intense and thrilling storyline brought to life in a way never done before by fusing gameplay and an engrossing live action show. The novel greatly expands on the game story, offering intriguing new timelines and characters to explore.


Update (5/2/2016): A new tweet by Cam Rogers, Zero State's writer, expands on what fans can expect:


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