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7th August 2015
Gamescom 2015: Day Three Wrap Up

Yesterday the Gamescom show floor was opened up to the public, and fans were introduced to see an extended edition of the Quantum Break gameplay and live action series. The game attracted a lot of interest and word is that the queue was pretty impressive!

The first thing announced for the day was the extended cast list for Quantum Break. Many names have been announced over the past few days on social media and in trailers, but this was the first time we got the complete list. Click HERE to see all the actors.

Throughout the day, Sam Lake (Creative Director at Remedy) and Shawn Ashmore (Lead Actor in Quantum Break) took part in numerous interviews, many of which will be posted over the next few days. However, their pre-recorded interview with IGN was shown yesterday afternoon on their Gamescom livestream. If you missed it, you can catch the segment HERE.

In addition to the interviews, the press and fan demos continued at the booth, and yesterday began the wave of previews from these showings. Both Engadget (HERE) and Polygon (HERE) have uploaded their indepth articles. The latter also includes an interview with Sam.

In addition to all the media activities, the community have been busy discussing the footage and creating artwork in anticipation for the new game; it's also a great time to join the talk over at the Remedy forums (which is the best gaming forum). Both Kristy and @nishiniku have created fantastic art pieces over the past few days for the upcomng title. Check out Kristy's work, HERE AND HERE, and @nishiniku's work HERE!


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