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6th August 2015
IGN Talks to Shawn Ashmore and Sam Lake

Late this afternoon, Sam Lake (Creative Director at Remedy) and Shawn Ashmore (Lead Actor for Quantum Break) was interviewed on IGN's livestream. In case you couldn't make the live show, the segment was recorded and uploaded to the website's site and YouTube channel.

In the interview, they expand on how the "junction in time" moments work and impact your story, the episodic structure and how Shawn was brought onto the project.

Also, completely off topic, someone on Twitter tweeted to Sam about how his hair always looks good at these events and they're suspicious that it may be "unicorn hair transplants". Watching this interview I can't unsee that. When was this filmed? Afternoon? On the third day of a hectic gaming event? Constantly under hot studio lights? That level of hair control is magnificent.

Also a nice little behind the scenes tweet from the set:


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