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5th August 2015
Gamescom 2015: Day One Wrap Up

Yesterday was a day packed with new information. Remedy took to the stage at the XBOX Media Briefing to show off new gameplay footage from Quantum Break. They also revealed their star cast which includes Shawn Ashmore, Dominic Monaghan, Aidan Gillen, Lance Reddick and Courtney Hope. The gameplay reveal concluded on an announcement of the title's fixed release date, and fans can expect to play the XBOX One exclusive game on 5th April 2015.

Remedy's segment didn't end there as Sam walked on stage to talk about the title's features and introduce the audience to Shawn Ashmore, who portrays Jack Joyce in the game. Together they introduced a new Quantum Break trailer which gives a glimpse into the live action element of the game.

You can watch the full XBOX briefing HERE.

The Return of AWE?
Fans also got the first ingame glimpse on one of my favourite topics on this site, the AWE. Back in early June, Remedy registered two trademarks, "AWE" and "AWE: Bureau of Altered World Events". If you looked closely at the gameplay demo, you may have caught a mention of it in the footage. More information in our article, HERE.

Time is Power Trailer
After the briefing, a new video, Time is Power, was posted online which summarizes everything we saw of Quantum Break on stage, as well as revealing new additional shots.

After the stage demo, came the interviews, many of which will be appearing online over the next few days. But! GameInformer's write up is available to read online now, more information HERE. For their piece they interviewed Shawn and Sam as well as Jaime Burke

Quantum Break Photo Booth
For the show, Remedy had a special Quantum Break themed photo booth. Over twenty cameras were arrange in a curve to capture the subject, taking the image simultaneously. The effect recreates time being frozen, as it's like in the game. The background was a curve image of the impressive new promotional Quantum Break art piece. Read about them, and see the images, HERE.

XBOX FanFest
After the stage demo and the interviews, Remedy attended the XBOX Fanfest where 500 gamers were treated to a special evening. Each attendee was given a bag of merchandise, which included two Quantum Break t-shirts. There were multiple events happening for each game at the show, but with Remedy, fans could get large QB posters signed by Shawn and Sam.

An XBOX One, with a custom design in celebration of the upcoming was also at the show, and was signed by the two. Who does it belong to? Is it a competition prize? Or for the one first in line? Can I lick it? These are all questions, we just don't have answers to. Sorry.

XBOX Sweepstakes
If you couldn't make it out to the event, five lucky Remedy fans can win a Quantum Break poster signed by Sam and Shawn. The competition is run by Microsoft and all you have to do is sign up for a Twitter account, follow @quantumbreak and retweet THIS message. Competition ends on 9th August. Click HERE for more details, and HERE for the full rules.


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