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29th August 2015
Poets of the Fall Releases "Choice Millionaire" Music Video
& Other Updates

A few days ago, Poets of the Fall released their latest music video, Choice Millionaire.The style is very different to what fans might have seen before, with inspirations taken from the cyberpunk genre. The setting takes place in the year 2045 at labour camp inside of "the machine". So, it's a little different to Steampunk theme parks and forests.

For those who don't know, Poets of the Fall has a long history collaborating with Remedy. Their first song, Late Goodbye, appeared as the vocal theme song in Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne. In Alan Wake, the band returned again under their alter-ego, The Old Gods of Asgard.

You can watch it below:

In addition to the new music video, there's also a collection of new updates which followed:

There's a competition where you can win the Hopecatcher, the necklace created by the band, and which also features in the video. The necklace is only available as a competition prize if you live in Finland, however if you live outside of the country, the band will record a special personalised message for you instead. Competition ends 31st August. For more details and to enter, click HERE.

Mad Supply, the company that runs the band's official store, currently has a sale on a lot of its stock, including POTF items. Not everything is available at a reduced price, but there's a lot of goodies there from t-shirts to albums, and it's definitely worth a look. Click HERE to go to the store.

If you want to learn more about how the Choice Millionaire music video was created, you can check out the behind the scenes photos taken from the filmig on the Lumi Fims Facebook page, HERE. There's also a behind the scenes video created which you can check out below:


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