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26th August 2015
Remedy's 20th Anniversary Party / Social Media

Last Friday, Remedy celebrated its 20th anniversary with an enormous party which lasted late into the night. The offices were transformed, with part of the foyer redecorated to mirror the Pacific Northwest for a photobooth, complete with atmospheric fog and an Alan Wake coffee thermos. Tables were dotted around the DJ table, and surrounded by cold buckets filled with Remedy themed beer. The most popular drinks appear to be the IPA Max Payne and the Alan Wake lager.

The meeting rooms were changed into gaming areas, where party attendees could relive the classic Remedy games, and each TV screen showed photographs of the past twenty years, trailers of their games, or anniversary messages. Just to the side, the kitchen turned into a coffee room with takeaway hot drinks and coffee chocolate.

Outside, long queues led to a BBQ stand with pork ribs, brisket, corn on the cob, salad and apple pie. And a mobile truck to the side homed a large bar and balcony area.

Check out the social media posts from the night:

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