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21st April 2015
Sam Lake Talks to Polygon Regarding Alan Wake's Future & Platforms

Lots of announcements and speculation for Alan Wake’s future being posted this week! Yesterday, Remedy released a video which showed their 2010 prototype for Alan Wake 2. Today, Polygon has uploaded an interview with Sam Lake (Creative Director at Remedy) which focused on future console possibilities.

In the new interview, Sam talks about the possibility of an XBOX One version of the original Alan Wake title, as well as the potential for any sequels to come to more platforms (which could also mean the PlayStation 4).

Read the full interview at Polygon, HERE.

A number of websites are describing that Remedy has cancelled Alan Wake 2, when it's the very opposite. Sam has stated in interviews in the past such as the Announcement to Fans video and Polygon's prototype article, that they are eager to return to the series when time is right. Alan Wake may be stuck in The Dark Place, but don't count him out just yet!


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