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20th April 2015
Alan Wake 2 Prototype Video Released!

Awesome news! Remedy has just released the prototype video for Alan Wake 2. The video was posted on Polygon's website this afternoon and was accompanied by a lengthy interview with Creative Director, Sam Lake.

The video was originally shown to potential publishers, and has been described as more of "a mood piece" rather than the exact next stage of Wake's journey. The video was created soon after the release of the first game and before American Nightmare. Fans who have played the both games may notice a few similarities between the latter and the prototype, such as the "rewriting reality" gameplay mechanic.

The piece also includes a new collection of concept artwork for the sequel including the introduction of "reality tears" 

It's a fantastic article and a must read for any Alan Wake fan! Make sure to follow the link to read it, HERE.

And yes, he's lost the tweed jacket, but he's gained a turtleneck. Swings and roundabouts really.


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