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14th April 2015
Community Spotlight: Alexandr's American Nightmare Inspired Fan Art

Frequently when I'm checking out social media sites, I come across a lot of Remedy fan projects which are seriously just incredible.  Whether that would be some fan art, a short film or a piece of music, there's a lot of talent in the community. Recently I was checking out the latest work Alan Wake projects on deviantArt, and I came across Alexandr's fan art for American Nightmare. At first I thought it was a great looking photo manipulation and then I zoomed in and noticed the brush strokes on the hair and the soft reflection in Wake's eyes, and it took me a while but I realised that I wasn't looking at a photo at all but rather a digital painting.

There's so much detail in the painting which brings the character to life, whether it's the light reflecting a little on each strand of hair on the beard or the trace amount of lint on the flannel shirt. Each new slight detail just made me go "wait...really?!"

The drawing is based off a promotional still from the game's live action cinematic in which Wake shouts after Mr Scratch who taunts him from the sidelines. While the painting is similar to the still, it's also quite different. The still shows Alan from the waist up, surrounded by the mist of the Dark Place. The most obvious difference is that the drawing focuses more on the shoulders up, and features the protagonist in a lighter setting. However new fine details are included which makes the piece really stands out, such as some of the material slightly fraying from the shirt, or the softness of the shadows. (And honestly, I don't think I've ever stared at a painting of a man's beard for this long before.)

The view the Alexander's drawing in full 1920x1080, and more of his work, check out his deviantArt page, HERE.

Closer shots of the painting:


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