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11th April 2015
Player Participation, ECGC Narrative Panel (Video)

This week, Remedy's Story Team Manager, Mikko Rautalahti traveled to ECGC (East Coast Games Conference) to take part in a panel discussing player participation in narrative. He was joined by Ann Lemay (Writer at BioWare Montreal), Anna Megill (Creative Director at Project Untold), and Jesse Scoble (Creative Lead at KingsIsle Entertainment). The discussion was moderated by Cameron Harris (Senior Editor at BioWare Montreal).

The video was posted online today by Gamers Nexus. Check it out below!

Also, Mikki references a beautiful Eurogamer video. When you get up to that part, you can watch it HERE.

(For those who have watched the panel) I don't know about you but I definitely stole cheese in Skyrim. There was a lot of cheese-stealing action in my playthrough. It wasn't so much of a mean spirited act, and I did not sacrifice the cheese to the great well goddess, but I needed it to nibble on when my health got low in battle. Plus that cheese wheel was larger than my face and I wanted it.


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