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31st December 2014
The Best of this Year (2014)

We're in the final hours of this year, making it the perfect time to look back at the past twelve months. It's been an incredible 365 days; not only have we learnt more about Quantum Break but fans in London, Paris, Toyko and Cologne also had the opportunity to catch a look at the extended gameplay footage at game shows before it was published online. If you have an Apple tablet or phone, you also had the chance to play Remedy's latest free-to-play iOS title, Agents of Storm. And if you're a Poets of the Fall fan (and how are you not after the Children of the Elder God scene?) their brand new album, Jealous Gods, was released just a few months ago!

Here's a list of my favourite events from the past 365 days!

Quantum Break at Gamescom

In August, Remedy travelled to Germany to show off some new gameplay footage from Quantum Break. On the first day, Sam and Ozz went up on stage, during the Microsoft conference, and talked viewers through the first eight minutes of the title. I seriously love their segment from the show. Later, behind closed doors, they showed the press and public an extended version of the game. Fans also got the chance to be part of an ingame scene with the help of Fake's augmented reality camera. Throughout the event lots of new material was also posted online including articles, interviews, previews, videos and screenshots.

You can check out all of the news from the show, HERE.


Agents of Storm was Released

This October saw the release of Agents of Storm, Remedy's new mobile title. The game was released on the 23rd and is currently only available on Apple devices, with Android and Window Phone versions to come in the following months. Agents of Storm is a free to play game which takes place on the seas. You control a group of agents as they battle against the Chimera corporation who are determined to take over the world.

The title is now out on the Apple store so, if you haven't already, make sure to check it out!


Tumblr Colour Palette Meme: Alan Wake Submissions

Earlier this year a group of talented artists made Alan Wake their focus for the Tumblr Colour Palette Meme. The result? A selection of incredible drawings starring Alan Wake, Mr Scratch and Jake Fisher. The meme challenged artists to draw a character (suggested by readers from their blog) with a specific colour scheme.

View the colour palette meme submissions, HERE.
(From Left to Right) Artwork below by Forsyther, Sheepy Doodle, 03roku and Invisible Rain.


Jealous Gods was Released 

In September, Poets of the Fall released their sixth album entitled Jealous Gods, and it's amazing! The songs were created with the intention of forming the final section of a trilogy which includes Revolution Roulette and Twilight Theater and blends the atmosphere from them both, while introducing a new element. The release had a positive reception and shot straight to number one in Finland.

You can buy the Jealous Gods album at their store. Alternatively you can also listen to their songs on Spotify on their channel.


EGX 2014

In September, Remedy travelled from Espoo in Finland to Earl's Court in London to show off the extended Quantum Break gameplay footage at EGX. The event (formally known as Eurogamer Expo) is the UK's biggest video game convention, and lasts for four days. For me, the highlight of the show was certainly seeing the Quantum Break demo. While the booth was small, it had a great intimate atmosphere, so no matter where you were you always got a clear view of the screen and clear audio coming through your headphones. It was also very nerdy, and I approve of such things. :)

The full version of the Quantum Break gameplay is out, and you can watch the video, here.
You can also read our preview from EGX, here.


Interview: Brett Kelly

Earlier this month, we were extremely lucky to have had the chance to interview Brett Kelly (née Madden), who voiced Alice Wake in the Alan Wake series. It's always great hearing about the behind the scenes work that has gone into the game, especially by people who are genuinely enthusiastic about their work. It's a great interview, and thanks once again to Brett for agreeing to do it!

Click HERE to read the interview.


A New Mobile Project?

Shortly after the release of Agents of Storm, the developers began teasing a new mobile game which is currently in the works. Not much is known about this new game yet, but hey, it is a new Remedy title! :) 

2015 already sounds fantastic! I look forward to sharing it with you. Wherever you are this New Year's Eve, I hope you have an incredible night. See you next year!


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