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28th December 2014
We have a Gallery!

For the past month or so, I've been trying to put together a new gallery. Now, I liked the old gallery but it was somewhat tricky to use both as a webmaster and as someone just browsing through the collection. Secretly the lack of accessibility irritated me; Remedy has a rich history with hundreds of photos and the galleries were letting that down.

Previously the site had been using Picasa to host the galleries. Picasa is a free photo gallery by Google and, as the site is hosted by Blogger, every photograph uploaded in a post or on the site gets automatically uploaded there. Our new galleries are located in a similar place but is much more accessible, which perfect! You can find all of our albums over at Google+.

Click HERE to visit the new gallery.

Given Google's response to YouTube comments, I know that some people might not be a huge fan of Google+, and that's understandable. However, as a photo hosting website, Google+ is much better than our predecessor (which was also hosted by Google, but didn't bear dreaded "+" so we got away with it....kinda).  The layout for the photos is much clearer, neater and more attractive. Zooming is much easier. The slideshow option is much prettier. Plus you can now view all of our galleries without accidentally coming across a folder for our Slider photos or buttons.

It's taken about a month to go through all the photographs (across three computers and two USB drives), reupload them, add captions and present them neatly. So, I hope you like the final result!


The Crossfire Series

The Control Series

The Quantum Break Series

The Alan Wake Series

The Max Payne Series




Icons by the incredible, Evil-Owl-Loki.

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