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19th September 2014
Poets of the Fall's Jealous Gods, Out Now!

Enjoyed Late Goodbye and the Old Gods of Asgard tracks? The real life band behind the music, Poets of the Fall, celebrates the launch of their new album, Jealous Gods, today.  I'm currently listening to the album now, and it's definitely one of my favourites. It has a lot of surprises as well as iconic POTF styles, blended into incredible music and beautiful lyrics.

The band has posted online a number of stores where you can buy the new album, both in digital download and as a tangiable form.Check them out below.

Hires Audio (FLAC version)
Amazon: USAJapan
7digital: Canada | Canada (French) | USA | Finland | New Zealand
zdigital: Australia

CD Album
Poets of the Fall Webshop (Global)
Record Shop X (Global)
Amazon: Germany | UK | USA | Canada | France | Japan | India
EMP: Austria | Switzerland | Germany | UK | France | Italy | Portugal | Spain | Sweden | Denmark | Finland | Czech Republic | Slovakia
Grooves Inc: USA | France | Spain | UK | Germany
CDON: Finland | EU
JPC (Germany)
Russia: Allmusic
India: FlipkartLandmark | Infibeam
Netherlands: ECI |

P.S. Max Payne Fans may want to check out the song, Hounds to Hamartia. Make sure you listen to the very end, there  mamight be a special message waiting for guys. You can check out the song on the band's Spotify page, HERE.


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