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27th August 2014
New Quantum Break TV Series Details (Gamescom)

Quantum Break was a big name at this year's Gamescom, and was definitely one to watch. On the first day, Sam and Ozz revealed a section of gameplay footage, live on the Microsoft stage. In the days that followed more information was posted online in the form of articles and interviews. One of the things I was personally hoping to hear more about, during the show, was the influence and impact that the television series aspect will have on the storyline and how it will blend into the game. Kotaku was similarly interested about this aspect and recently published an article on it.

The show hasn't been shot yet, but will be in the coming months, and more information about the filming will be released soon. Episodes of the live action series will be unlocked after junction moments. At the end of each level, the player will assume control of our protagonist Paul Serene, the head of Monarch, and will use his time power to choose a specific future to take place. The player will then be treated to an episode of the show, where they will see the impact of their decision and in turn receive further insight into the story. If you want you can also skip the live action episodes and return to them later, but they are designed to be consumed in the order they're unlocked.

An example of one of these junction moment choices is how Monarch deals with Jack publicly. One option would be to create a strong military operation, but that  may not be looked upon too kindly by the Riverport community. The other option could be an attempt to win over the residents by a PR cover up, which would paint Jack as the enemy.

For more information, check out the article at Kotaku, HERE.


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