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22nd August 2014
Daze, New Music Video from Poets of the Fall

To kickstart the weekend, Poets of the Fall have released their brand new single, Daze. The band has a long history with Remedy, which stretches back to the development of Max Payne. The group also created a number of songs for the Alan Wake series, including all of the Old Gods of Asgard tracks. If you enjoyed their previous work, make sure to check out the Daze music video below:

The band views each album as part of a trilogy. Their upcoming album, Jealous Gods, is the final piece of a package which also includes their previous albums, Revolution Roulette and Twilight Theater. Watching the music video, you certainly get the impression that it's a blend of those two.

You can purchase the track on iTunes or listen to it on Spotify.

Poets of the Fall's full album, Jealous Gods, will be out 19th September!


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