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16th August 2014
Alan Wake Ties in Quantum Break

Did you catch the Alan Wake reference in the Quantum Break gameplay demo at Gamescom? The truth is, you may have been looking at it the entire time.

Jack's outfit has changed subtly since we saw it last. In the cover artwork he's wearing a red t-shirt with a black leather jack, in screenshots released last year he was wearing a grey shirt, and in this demo.... a new jacket overlaying (wait for it) a Night Springs t-shirt.

Oh, Remedy. You are so geeky.

At VGX last year, Oskari Häkkinen announced that all of Remedy's titles are part of the same multiverse. We've seen interactions between the franchises in the past; Death Rally is portrayed solely as a video game in Alan Wake, whereas Max Payne makes his return through Wake's novels as Alex Casey. It will be interesting to see what other connections will appear in the game, and how the series are intertwined.

For more information, check out the article about the connection over at Game Informer, HERE.


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