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14th August 2014
Gamescom Preview Roundup (Updated 28/8)

Yesterday the extended version of the gameplay demo was shown to the gaming press. Since then articles about the preview have been posted online across a number of gaming websites. Below is a collection of articles about this extended preview (and questions asked after the demo), as well as a video of the gameplay footage shown during the XBOX media conference, in case you haven't seen it yet.

I'll keep on updating this page with more previews as Gamescom goes on!

Quantum Break's live-action series will have branching stories to mirror your game

"'You as a player get to explore those glimpses, and you get to make the decision as to which future will come to pass,' Lake said. 'You make that choice, and that is the reality that will happen. Right after that, we go into an episode of the live-action TV show, and the consequences of that come into play in your version of the show. You see that future happening. From that point onwards, the consequences carry on both on the show side and on the game side for the rest of the game.'"


Quanntum Break to feature interactive live action story-sequences
Digital Spy

"Both the game and the show ship on the same disc and are tied together in multiple ways that the player can affect with their choices," the creative director told Digital Spy at a behind-closed-doors meeting at gamescom 2014.


What You Didn't See After The New Quantum Break Demo
Game Informer

"The team will start shooting the live action television episodes that are spliced in between gameplay levels very soon. The episodes are targeting the 20 to 30 minute mark and will focus on the villainous Monarch corporation's side of the story. It'll be interesting to see how it all comes together next time we get a look at Quantum Break in action."


There's More to Quantum Break Than You Might Think

"Yesterday's gameplay premiere ended with a climactic fight on the bridge, but today's demo took things a few steps further. What followed was a sequence that focused on Jack's struggle to traverse through some truly harrowing stutters in time, moments when everything has frozen in place save for a few select objects. What made this scene interesting is that time froze just as a runaway barge came crashing into the bridge, sending the whole thing crashing down in a hailstorm of twisted metal and mangled concrete."


Quantum Break Looks Fun to Play, But Will it be Fun to Watch?

"From the jaw-dropping ‘time stutters’ that freeze your surroundings, to the kinetic gun battles with enemies that go beyond Max Payne’s bullet dodging by allowing the player to catch bullets and hurl them back at enemies, to the jaw-dropping environmental effects that send ripples through concrete as though they were waves in the ocean. It’s a game seemingly designed to wow and bedazzle the player at every turn, and one that appears to push the Xbox One hardware like few games before it."


-- Updated 28th August 2014 23:24 --

Remedy Explains How You Should Watch the Quantum Break TV Show

"Quite how Quantum Break's TV element is meant to work has been a bit of a mystery. The two are interlinked, and the show ships on the disc, but the finer details have been vague. Now, creative director Sam Lake has explained a little more."


Quantum Break - More Than Just Bullet Time and Television?
The Guardian

"Away from the combat, Joyce has to navigate his way through Stutters – pockets of space in which time has frozen still. Since the time in Stutters can stop and start at random, Joyce has to use his ability to freeze flying debris in mid-air to create pathways or clear a way forward. In the demo, one particularly spectacular set piece has a bridge being rammed by an oil tanker, forcing Joyce to assemble a series of platforms in order to save himself from a terminal fall into the bay."



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