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12th August 2014
New Quantum Break Screenshots

To accompany the gameplay demo from the XBOX Media Briefing, Remedy has also released a selection of crisp new screenshots. Some of the images are from the footage we saw, whereas others are presumed to be from the preview being shown at the Remedy booth throughout Gamescom. Hopefully we'll get to see the extended version someday!

In the meantime, you can check out the screenshots below or on our gallery at Picasa, HERE.

 Jack studying the disturbance on the bridge

I really like his shoes!

I feel the same distrust towards sunlight too. Shoot it, Jack! Shoot it!

 Don't jump to it, Jack! It's shattering! I quite like your kneecaps!

 You may be thinking "they destroyed a lot of cars in that demo", and I've actually counted how many. The answer is all of them. Every one.


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