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24th May 2014
Quantum Break Now in "Full Production"

In a recent interview with Official XBOX Magazine, John Needham (head of Microsoft's European publishing team and Lionhead studio boss), announced that Quantum Break was now in "full production".

The interview was primarily focused on Fable: Legends, Lionhead's upcoming game, but the update on Remedy's title near the end of the discussion was big enough to steal away the interview's subheading.

"It's a big first party title, we're not talking about it much, but it's a big exciting title - just hit full production."

With the announcement made at the very end of the interview, the topic wasn't expanded on all that much. As Quantum Break is different from the typical video game development process, the announcement is slightly ambiguous. I would presume it means that all departments (including the team working on the TV series) are working on a finalised and agreed game structure. Hopefully with E3 coming up, we may hear a bit more about this stage and plans for the future.

Click HERE for the interview at OXM.


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