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18th May 2014
Humble Bundle Flash Sale, Alan Wake Franchise

For the next six hours, you can purchase Alan Wake and Alan Wake's American Nightmare for less than £5!

For the past ten days, the Humble Bundle has celebrated the return of Spring with a sale! Dozens of games are now available to purchase at a discounted price until 21st May. In addition to their fortnight sale, they also have a flash sale. The flash sale highlights one title and further reduces the price for a limited time. Currently it's Alan's turn in the spotlight.

The "Alan Wake Franchise" is currently available at £4.64, originally £30.99. 85% off the full price!

10% of the profit from each game purchased at the store goes directly to a series of charities which include Child's Play, American Red Cross, Charity Water, Electronic Frontier Foundation and World Land Trust.

Check out the deal, HERE


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