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5th March 2014
Greg Louden's Work Given Academy Award (Gravity)

If you've been following Remedy on their social media sites, you might have heard the exciting news regarding ones of their level designers and scripters.

Photograph from Remedy.

Before joining Remedy, Greg Louden was part of the visual effects team working on the sci-fi blockbuster, Gravity. On Sunday, the film won an amazing total of seven Oscars; best director, best sound mixing, best sound editing, best cinematography, best film editing, best original score and (of course) best visual effects.

Game Informer recently uploaded an interview with Greg about his work on Gravity. Click HERE to read it. Really enjoyable read!

Speaking on the official Remedy site, Greg stated:
“Just like game development, creating visual effects is based on teamwork. I’m honored to have been part of Gravity’s hard working team with very talented peers, supervisor and a great director. It’s an easy transition from movies to games, and now I get to put my skills to the test with Quantum Break."

Congratulations to Greg and all on the Gravity visual effects team for their Academy Award!

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