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8th November 2013
Oskari Häkkinen Talks Next Gen Consoles

Sometimes when we play a really incredible game, it's hard to see why the next generation of consoles are coming out so soon. We've been spoilt with choice this year with a series of visually stunning games; Tomb Raider, The Last of Us and Beyond Two Souls immediately come to mind for me! The large majority of gamers only found out about the PS4 and XBOX One earlier this year, but what are the views from the developers who have been working to make their games for the past few years?

I'm a big fan of Polygon, they covered Quantum Break fantastically during E3, and they're the perfect website to ask the question "Why do we need new consoles?" to industry professionals. In the  piece they talk to a handful of developers including Remedy's Franchise Director, Oskari Häkkinen.

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