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11th November 2013
Speakers at Slush '13

Several current and former Remedy employees will be speaking at this year's Slush event (13-14th November). The event has sold out but the presentations will be streamed online via the website, so even if you couldn't attend you can still see some of the talks.

So what is it?

Slush is a nonprofit, two-day technology and startup event where the most promising companies from Northern Europe, Russia and beyond gather to meet with top-tier investors and media from all around the world. It is organized to allow the next generation of great companies to have the ecosystem they deserve to succeed on a global level. To accomplish this, not only do we bring the best investors and companies to the same place, but also we make sure that the right companies meet the right investors in one-on-one meetings.
(From the event's official website)

There's not talk details for every member yet, but I'll make sure to keep you updated if that changes. Here's the list so far:

Title: Fireside Chat
Location: Black Stage
Time: Wednesday 13th, 16:00

Aki "AJ" Järvilehto (Former CFO)
Title: A Few Pieces of Advice for Startups
Location: Black Stage
Time: Wednesday 13th,  12:15

Lasse Seppänen (Executive Producer) 


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