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9th August 2013
Final Week For Pre-Ordering Poets of the Fall's Live DVD

Today marks the final week to pre-order Poets of the Fall's 10th Anniversary Live DVD! The band recorded their gig in Moscow back in March of this year and the entire show will be available with backstage material on disc.

If you're interested in the project, make sure to check out their PledgeMusic campaign as it has several extremely interesting items which might not be available after next week. The list includes special anniversary t-shirts, signed postcards and singles. By purchasing the live DVD, you will receive the soundtrack as well as exclusive updates send directly to your inbox.

For those who may be not be familiar with the band, Poets of the Fall are the group behind the Old Gods of Asgard songs as well as Max Payne 2's theme, Late Goodbye. They have a long and interesting relationship with Remedy!

You can find a link to their Pledge Music campaign, HERE.

If you're interested in keeping up with the band's adventures, I have a Tumblr site set up which has regular news posts, interviews, community spotlights and retrospective pieces. Click HERE.


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