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11th August 2013
Phil Spencer Talks to OXM About Quantum Break

Phil Spencer (Corporate Vice President at Microsoft Games Studios) recently talked to Official XBOX Magazine (OXM) about the series of exclusive games for the upcoming XBOX One, including Quantum Break. In the interview, he further expands on Remedy's ideas regarding how the episodes and gameplay will flow together.

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In Xbox One you can interact with those set-pieces directly, and play in them. This isn't just that the scenes are more graphic. In the gameplay segment, there's the huge tanker hitting the bridge, you see the little warp effect which is the players actually impacting time. And they freeze the tanker halfway through ramming through this bridge. And that bridge scene, as its going on, you're actually playing in that bridge scene. Because we have the RAM, the GPU, CPU capability, we can take something that used to be completely passive and allow you to play through that scene.

The enemy AI, the enemy pathing, all of those will actually take place while that gameplay is frozen in time. And you can freeze that at any point; right at the beginning when the tanker hits the bridge, after it's torn all the way through, so it puts you in complete control of these huge set-pieces that turn into something that you get to play with.


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