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12th June 2013
Twitch Interviews Oskari Hakkinen and Sam Lake

Over the past few days, our knowledge of Quantum Break has been expanding. On Monday, Sam introduced us to one of our playable characters (Jack Joyce) as well as revealing ingame cinematic. Screenshots were revealed showing off the title's gorgeous graphics and we also had a great interview from GameTrailers in which more of the story was released. Yesterday we got a glimpse at the behind the scenes of the game with a 4 minute video looking into what makes this game unique and some of the technology behind it. And today we are treated even more with a selection of articles about the recent Quantum Break preview as well as an interview with TwitchTV.

Sam and Hotskari were recently interviewed live on TwitchTV about Quantum Break. There  was some interesting new information divulged, including what inspired Remedy to make the upcoming adventure (and it is an amazing list).

Click HERE to see the interview. Ozz and Sam's interview begins around the 31 minute mark.
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