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12th June 2013
Quantum Break Preview Articles (Updated)

Today Oskari Hakkinen and Sam Lake treated journalists to the first look at Quantum Break. Below is a collection of articles from numerous gaming websites about the preview and what Remedy wants to achieve.

Updated 14th June 09:28

     - Quantum Break Brings Binge Viewing to Video Games
              Chris Plante

Updated 13th June 19:17

     - Alan Wake Developer Sheds a Little Light on Quantum Break
             Gamespot UK
             Carolyn Petit

 Updated 13th June 17:28

    - If You're Wondering What The Hell Quantum Break Is, Here You Go
             Tina Amini 

    - ‘Quantum Break’ carries Remedy’s narrative aspirations into the next-generation
            Digital Trends
            Adam Rosenberg

    - E3 2013: what is Remedy’s Xbox One exclusive, Quantum Break?

Updated 12th June 21:04

    - Quantum Break: An Ambitious Take on Storytelling
             The Escapist Magazine
             Susan Arendt

    - Remedy's 'Quantum Break' could meld TV and gaming, but it's got a long ways to go
             The Verge
             Adi Robertson.

    - How Quantum Break mixes TV and games for a new experience
             Shack News
             Ozzie Meljia

    -  Remedy on how Quantum Break's TV episodes are affected by gameplay
            Micheal McWhertor

    - Quantum Break live-action series comes with the game
            Xav de Matos

    - Quantum Break wants you to marry games, TV
            Los Angeles Times, Hero Complex
            Todd Martens


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