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9th March 2013
Fan Art Fortnight: kopfstoff

The Alan Wake community has a large group of extremely talented fan artists. Over the next two weeks, we will be spotlighting 14 fans who have created a series of wonderful artwork inspired by Remedy's latest franchise.

Like many Alan Wake fans, I love Mr Scratch. Despite his dark side and the occasional murder, he's also one of the more relaxed, hyper and funny characters. This unique blend makes him likable despite possessing all of the qualities that should have made us recoil in fear. Kopfstoff' portrayal of Mr Scratch is equally unique, blending together the antagonist's mischievous nature with the dark aspect...Also when I first looked at the remnants of the darkness floating being the character it was a "Ooooh, pretty" moment". "Pretty" doesn't quite fit the horror nature of the image, but it doesn't make it any less true! :)

Besides from Mr Scratch, he has also created another fantastic piece of fan art which I adore, this time focused on Rose.

CLICK HERE to check out his dA Page!


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