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4th March 2013
Fan Art Fortnight: LanaChestnut

The Alan Wake community has a large group of extremely talented fan artists. Over the next two weeks, we will be spotlighting 14 fans who have created a series of wonderful artwork inspired by Remedy's latest franchise.

Today's fan artist is Lana (aka LanaChestnut on DeviantArt) who you may be familiar with in both the Alan Wake and Poets of the Fall Community! You may also recognise her name from a few months ago when I declared that she had just won the internet on Twitter; a declaration that I still stand by.

Click for full size - Image 1, Image 2, and Image 3
She is amazingly talented at drawing in a wide variety of styles ranging from line drawings to full colour, realistic to cartoon. Lana draws some in game scenes such as the introduction to Mr Scratch, as well as individual characters, but personally I love the drawings she made which are inspired by the game's backstory. For me, the game had a fascinating background; the death of Barbara Jagger, the previous victims of the Dark Presence, the submergence of Diver's Isle, and Lana's recreation of these are just as fascinating.

Her Poets of the Fall images are equally as incredible!

Check out her DeviantArt page - CLICK HERE


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