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3rd March 2013
EDGE's The Making of Max Payne Article

There seems to be some kind of confusion regarding this specific Max Payne feature; it refers to events happening in the 2008 (the Max Payne movie and before Max Payne 3 release) while holding today's time stamp and being posted on the front page of EDGE. While it's probably a revisit or reposting of the magazine's previous feature, The Making of Max Payne is an incredibly interesting read and it is definitely worth looking at if you've missed it being posted the first time around.

There are some interesting facts regarding the games' production including the script, creating the characters, inspirations and even some events that happen because of the game. Sam Lake, Olli Tervo and Sami Vanhatalo were also interviewed in the feature!

CLICK HERE for the article..

Also, on a personal note, it was great to see Sam mentioning Lara Croft. Tomb Raider is another one of my favourite gaming franchises; it was also the first game that I played and I grew up with the series. In addition, Rhianna Pratchett did a talk recently at TEDx entitled Narrative Paramedic in which she refers to a number of narrative techniques a writer in the video game industry can use to drive the story and make the character more believable and human.She mentions that Alan Wake had an interesting audible monologue narrative which was effective in creating empathy...I love it when my favourite series meet!


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