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7th December 2012
Article Writing Competition (sponsored by GamerPrint)

Alan Wake’s universe is controlled and influenced through the power of writing, which has provided inspiration for this competition. Over the past several months, I’ve posted articles from crafts to more analytical posts, and while they have been fun to research and write about; it would be great to have some more guest posts on the site!

One winner will receive an awesome “Welcome to Bright Falls” poster donated by GamerPrint! This prize is limited edition and is one of only 100 prints. It can also be shipped worldwide.

Deadline: 22nd January 2012 (23:59 GMT) 

How to Enter:
Write an interesting article focused on the Alan Wake games and submit it! The word count is dependent on the topic and how long it needs to be to reach from the start to the end. Good luck!

Topic ideas, if you’re stuck:
• Interpretation of scenes or themes
• Personal project e.g. crafts
• Research into the game’s inspirations

Things to include in your email:
(Send the email from the address you wish to be contacted at)
• Name
• Country
• If you don’t mind the article being posted up on the site.
• Article

What if you wrote an article but are having second thoughts about entering it?
You should enter! In fact I've got someone to stare at you until you do! Or if you've read the Berlin article, this guy!

Send the article to: alanwake.thesuddenstop (at)

 Major thank you to GamerPrint for donating the poster! 


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