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22nd June 2012
Community Spotlight: Alan Wake's Journey in Trials Evolution
(By NilsoSto)

I know what you're thinking; if Alan Wake wasn't a writer, he would be a professional motorcycle rider. It makes sense! From the leather elbow pads to the damage-resistant tweed jacket, he was clearly prepping himself to have the motorcycle riding business as a fall back career if the writing didn't work!

Fortunately for Alan, he can now explore the career path he didn't take in a new Trials Evolution map created by NilsoSto.

The map takes the player from the initial boat ride to Lover's Peak while exploring a number of iconic scenes from the game including Bird Leg Cabin and the Old Gods of Asgard Stage. The level is extremely polished and includes several memorable moments from the Alan Wake games.

Check out the video of the level below:


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