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21st June 2012
Get Your Artwork on the Official Alan Wake Facebook Page

Wordsmith, the new Moderator from the Alan Wake forums*, recently posted about an opportunity to have your fanart as the cover photo for the Official Alan Wake Facebook.

Original Statment:

In our world where everything seems to boil down to sales, it is easy to forget that there are a group of players whose contribution goes beyond simply buying a product.
To show our appreciation and gratitude, we have decided to organize a small competition that we hope will provoke both your imagination and creative skills!

If there is something Alan Wake achieved it was to tickle the imagination of players. The easiest way to spot this is the amazing fan art that you –the community - have created!

For the next few months, every few days we will be choosing one of the works posted in the official Fan Art Thread and use it as the Timeline cover on the Official Alan Wake Facebook Page !

Some of the works are truly amazing and some of us here at Remedy started to feel as though we are not showing you guys (and girls) how important your passion for the game is! We truly can't wait to see what you will come up with over the course of the following weeks.

So how will this work ?

All works posted in the Fan Art Thread are included – no matter when they were posted. Every few days we will be scouting the thread and choosing an image (no objective criteria – if we like it – it is in).

The artist will be notified and properly mentioned in a Facebook post as soon as the image is posted on the timeline.

Submissions are also welcome in this topic and on our FB page.

The first image will be chosen this Thursday and will be announced in this topic!

Well that’s it really. It is Summer and what better way to spend it then sitting in the comfortable darkness of your room, working on your art, right?

We realize you guys are expecting something different, but for now – consider this part of a small “Thank you” series, for all the passion and appreciation you’ve been showing for our work!

PS: Oh , and hi – I am your new friendly community moderator!

*Hello! *waves*


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