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4th May 2012
Community Spotlight: Max Payne: Valhalla Film

Having a website named after a manuscript page in Alan Wake referencing Max Payne is extremely useful as I get to write about things relating to MP and it fits the website! Also, if it didn't fit the website...tough, this project is awesome and I would be writing about it anyway.

One of my favourite scenes from Max Payne is the beginning when Max arrives home and realizes that something is wrong. I'm pretty sure it's due to a combination of the awesome dramatic lead up to the game's catalyst and the fact that it's at the start so it has the "I'm going on an adventure!" feel. The start is one of my favourite scenes from any video game as it features the traumatizing turning point in Max's life. Which leads me to Max Payne: Valhalla.

Max Payne: Valhalla is a fan film created by Zapruder Pictures and retells the story in a bite size eight minute video. The film cleverly twists the sad moments with the more humorous scenes from the original game. The locations are also impressive as they range from a warehouse to a helipad and they're close enough so you can recognize the moment they are referencing. There are also several injokes for fans of the game.

This is not their first film or Max Payne tribute; the team also released a short film entitled Max Payne: The Beginning of the End in 2006 which has reached 100,000 hits.

Congratulations to the Max Payne Valhalla team on their brilliant work! Hopefully we get to see some more MP related goodness in the future!

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