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25th April 2012
Alan Wake's American Nightmare May Be Coming To PC
No Official Confirmation Yet

Alan Wake's American Nightmare may be coming to PC after the game's files was recognised on the Steam registry.

The game was originally released for XBOXLIVE on the 22nd February during Microsoft's Houseparty event. AWAN comes with the main storyline and the Fight Til Dawn feature which includes an online leaderboard.

The game is an episode of Night Springs written by the Alan and focuses on the writer (aka The Champion of Light) who fights his evil doppelganger called Mr Scratch (The Herald of Darkness) through Arizona. The cutscenes and television broadcasts are live action with Ilkka Villi portraying both the protagonist and antagonist. 

More details about the possible PC version will be added to the website as it is announced.
As of yet there has been no official statment by Remedy.

Source: The Escapist Magazine


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