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23rd February 2012
Alan Wake v1.02 Release Notes (Patch #1)

Alan Wake v1.02 release notes:

• Fixed problems of game not moving forward and gameplay not triggering properly after videos.

• Fixed flickering trees on Nvidia

• Real Traditional Chinese translation for added PC strings.

• Fix that the Developer Video Commentary volume is more sensible

• Fix that Localized cinematic audio volume is at correct volume and adjustable

• Fix that controller vibration works (note that it's disabled by default)

• Fix that blur occasionally got re-enabled even if -noblur command line option was specified

• Added "-rigidcamera" command line option for those who are sensitive to the default mouse/camera controls.

• Added possibility to bind mouse buttons 4 and 5

• Unofficial support for running the game in lower resolutions than 1024x768 using command line options

• Prevent binding controller keys to keyboard actions (prevents odd problems)

• Better CPU thread assignment for 3-Core AMD machines (smoother gameplay)

• Big thanks for the PC fans out there! We are constantly working on improving the game based on your feedback, please keep it coming!

• See our forum for up to date troubleshooting and patch information:


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