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26th February 2012
Website Update #1


This has actually one of the first updates I've done for The Sudden Stop, so I'll just introduce quickly what they are. Every month, I'm going to write a short post explaining what I'm currently planning for the site. It will contain stuff about upcoming events for the site, other projects that tie in to this, and any changes to the structure. They're not going to be long, just brief details about a couple of things. 

  • Comment System
    I've added a comment system for news, articles and interviews. Feel free to post on anything, I would love to hear your feedback on the site or the news. I'm always looking to update the site so if you have any ideas about features or sections you want to see, be sure to write them down.
  • Fan Section
    I'm going to be setting up a section for any Alan Wake fan creations, so any fan art, videos, stories or if you want to write a guest article. If you have anything you  want to donate, you can email me at jadenmorretti(at) 
  • Competitions
    Recently I began thinking about competitions for the site and what kind of merchandise you would be interested in. So let me know what style of competition you would like to enter and what sort of merchandise should be awarded to the winner. There's no solid plans at the moment, so if you got any good ideas, they might happen :)

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