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Bright Falls: Synopsis: Episode Two

Jake drives to a motel where Hal, the owner is waiting for him. They enter the reception area where Jake notices the large collection of hunting gear and weapons on the wall. Hal shows Jake to his new room, pointing out that; "It's the quiet [nights] you have to worry about. Upon getting the key from the owner, Jake lies down. A scratching at the window forces him to open his eyes and pull back the curtains - daylight.

Jake drives down a Bright Falls to the Oh Deer Diner where Rose meets him, stopping watching an Alan Wake interview online. She notices that Jake has turned up to meet Ellen. With a bitter tone she comments, "I wonder why she was wearing makeup." Jake goes over to Ellen, and the awkward conversation about their current life begins, introduced by a handshake showing the relationship is distant. Ellen brings up Libby in the conversation which implies that she is a big character in Jake's life, perhaps partner judging from her tone and the phrasing. A phone call from work forces Ellen to leave Jake in the diner after another handshake.

A while later, Jake arrives at Cauldron Lake Lodge to talk to DR Emil Hartman, the owner of the lodge and author of "The Creator's Deliema." After getting permission from the receptionist, Jake sets up a camcorder in Hartman's office, preparing for the interview. Hartman enters and asks if Jake is a writer, implying that he wanted the interview to be done on paper instead of video. During the interview, Jake goes into a trance where he sees several random scenes including Rose laughing, a dead woodland animal, a flare, a car hitting a deer, and a deer head floating to the bottom of a lake.

Jake finally regains control to discover the interview is over and Hartman saying goodbye. Hartman knows something and realises something was wrong during the interview. Hartman leaves the room, and Jake stares around at his surroundings in bewilderment.

Jake is driving through Bright Falls again, his phone is calling Hal. Hal isn't on the phone so Jake leaves a message on his answering machine. In the message, Jake explains how he doesn't know what happens during the interview but the notepad next to him caught his eye. He flicked through a couple of pages, the first couple being normal notes, the third being a collage of demonic scraws and cryptic messages which he doesn't remember writing. Jake looks up at the road, and sees a man carrying a deer head which he saw sinking in water in his vision. He enters a tunnel with a sign next to it informing drivers that they could preform and U-turn.


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