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16th December 2012
XBOX World Preview of Alan Wake's American Nightmare

XBOX World goes on sale today, with an exclusive eight page feature on Alan Wake's American Nightmare. The front cover also features a piece of promotional artwork - a quite Rockstar-esqe (totally a new word) painting with Wake holding a torch and nail gun*.

The eight pages reveal more about the origins of the game, how it fits into the AW Universe and the backstory. Interviews with Sam Lake (Creative Director) and Oskari Häkkinen (Head of Franchise) reveal more about the game including the announcement of more Old Gods of Asgard (Poets of the Fall) music and the increase of action.

The magazine is out now, but you do have to be over 15 to buy it, or at the very least have many forms of ID...I had 3 pieces of ID despite being over the age and I was still turned down by Tesco, so just in case, bring a nail gun and a torch with you.*

XBOX World costs £4.99 and comes with a free CD and booklet, so look for a large plastic envelope with Alan Wake, Master Chief, and Commander Shepperd having a staring contest with you.

*Neither nail gun nor torch are included in this issue unfortunately.


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