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About the Site

About the Site. The Sudden Stop was originally an Alan Wake fansite, set up February 2012. At the time, the DLC packs for Alan Wake had just been released and the community was looking forward to Wake's Arizona adventure. It was a belief in the community that Alan Wake 2 was surely to follow. With the surprise announcement of Quantum Break in 2013, the site changed from focusing on one franchise to following Remedy's entire catalog including DLC.

There are still sections of the site which are still being written (you may have noticed some grey placeholder text on the sections), it's been a slow process but steady process, and I'm hoping to have everything completed shortly.

How much money do you make from the site? It's very much a hobby for me, so I pay for a lot of the costs myself. If you would like to help out, I'd be very grateful! We have a Ko-Fi account set up; all of the money goes back into the site and community projects.

What do you use to run your site? I use Blogger to work on the site. It's the Google version of Wordpress and I've been really happy with it! I've been using it for about a decade now. As for hosting, we're with GoDaddy.

Is this site officially endorsed by Remedy or its partners? There's support from the companies, and receiving kind words or having an article shared always makes me smile. We're not officially endorsed in the "official fansite" sense, so don't blame them for the cat gifs! But the site has a friendly relationship and connection with Remedy.

How are Community Spotlights selected? I search for new works or projects within the Remedy community on a daily basis. Usually, this is done in the morning with coffee as part of a waking up routine. I'm not a morning person so I wake up pretty slowly. :) I make a note of new usernames and check on familiar faces. I have a mental outline of what Community Spotlight is coming next and sometimes it may switch around depending on the time of year. I tend to approach people myself, although if you have a cool Remedy project that I may have missed I'd love to see it! :)

What platforms do you game on? I have an XBOX 360, XBOX One, and PS4. On the mobile side, I have an Android tablet, an iPhone (and a Nintendo DS and Gameboy/Gameboy Colour).

A little bit about myself. Hello! I'm Rachel (also known by my username, Jaden) and I live in London. I joined the community back in 2011 with Alan Wake and soon after created The Sudden Stop.

Away from the site, I play games and read quite a bit. I bought a Kindle Paperwhite after years of being against ebooks and... ehhhh, okay, it's really cool and I don't know how I lived without it. To balance my guilt of betraying traditional paper copies, I also collect old books. Weirdly the books I've adored the most are the old 1930 Nancy Drew books with the tweed covers. They rewrote a bunch of them in the 1960s because they were... let's say a product of their time, and they also included scenes too intimidating for their target audience. Reading them, you completely understand why it was better to change it, but I like seeing how they've evolved. Also the tweed looks dapper and the entire thing smells like vanilla. :)

I'm also a cat person. Growing up I had a tuxedo cat called Tabbs (or Lord Tabbs of Londonium to give her full title) and she was absolutely lovely and affectionate and possibly the best hunter I have ever seen. She would bring mice to the garden every morning which I thought was sweet and my parents thought was "urghhh, again?!" In recent years, a black cat has decided to adopt my family. She is either incredibly sweet and cuddly or savage with no in-between. It's as confusing as it sounds. She has nine billion cat beds and she almost always sleeps on mine. She is named Scratch after Mr Scratch.

In addition to running The Sudden Stop, I'm also a volunteer moderator on the Remedy Forums, Remedy's Twitch channel, and a moderator of Kristy's Alan Wake Discord.

Please note, The Sudden Stop is an unofficial fan project. All views on the site are my own. 

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