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Hello! I'm Rachel (also known by my username, Jaden), and I live between London and Helsinki. I joined the community back in 2011 with Alan Wake and soon after created The Sudden Stop.

Setting Up The Sudden Stop. The Sudden Stop was originally an Alan Wake fansite set up in February 2012. At the time, the DLC packs for Alan Wake had just been released, and the community was looking forward to Wake's upcoming adventure in Night Springs, Arizona. Despite working on the website for almost a year by that point, I remember feeling very new in the fandom at the time but almost instantaneously welcomed. Nervous and excited, I posted about this small project of mine on the Alan Wake Forums, and I immediately fell in love with the atmosphere of the community and the incredible kindness and friendship. It made a huge impact on me, and I hope to recreate it with new fans joining. 

From Alan Wake to the Remedy Connected Universe, After Alan Wake's American Nightmare, there was a belief in the community that Alan Wake 2 was surely to follow, but with the surprise announcement of Quantum Break in 2013, I loved the community and the studio so much that I wanted to stay with it, and so the site changed from focusing on one franchise to following Remedy's entire catalogue. There was already a plan at that point to expand, before Quantum Break was announced, as I had checked out the Max Payne series and adored it. A decade after the switch, Remedy announced the Remedy Connected Universe, so it all worked out well in the end!

About Me. Away from The Sudden Stop, I'm a Community Manager in the video games industry. I'm a huge fan of mysteries, particularly Nancy Drew and Poirot. I'm an avid reader, which works well with owning one and a half cats. (Scratch is my own official actual cat, but the half is a random little fluffy guy in the neighbourhood with a big heart who likes to hang out.) Oh! As a weird little fun fact, I actually met my partner on the Alan Wake forums. There are some series that works as a shorthand for knowing if you're going to get along with people; Alan Wake is certainly one of them. Star Trek is certainly another.
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