There are places in our world where fiction and dreams can come true.

Licensed Songs

  • "Coconut" - Harry Nilsson
    (Played at the start of Episode One when Alan enters the Oh Deer Diner. Odin Anderson asks you to put on this song.)
  • "In Dreams" - Roy Orbison
    (Played in the cutscene when Alan and Alan arrives to Diver's Isle. Also at the end of Episode One)
  • "Up Jumped the Devil" - Nick Clave and the Bad Seeds
    (Played during a radio show which can be found in a small wooden shed in Episode One. It is also played at the end of the first level.)
  • "Shady Grove" -Shady Grove Among the Oak & Ash
    (Played in Episode Two, on the radio in the police department carpark)
  • "Haunted" - Poe
    (Played at the end of Episode Two)
  • "War" - Poets of the Fall
    (Played half way during Episode Five, after Alan leaves the helicopter and takes refuge inside a warehouse. The song can be heard by turning on the radio near to the wire fence)
  • "Space Oddity" - David Bowie
    (Played over the end credits)


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