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Commissioned Songs

In Alan Wake, The Old Gods of Asgard is a rockband created in 1971. In real life, the music was created by Poets of the Fall. Fans of Remedy's previous titles might recognise their name as they share a long history with the developers lasting over 10 years.

In the game, Poets created two custom songs for Remedy. The first, entitled Children of the Elder God, plays while Wake is fighting the Taken on stage in the middle of Episode four. The second, The Poet and the Muse, closes the same episode with the lyrics revealing the secrets of Bright Falls.

Poets of the Fall is one of my favourite bands, which I was introduce to through Alan Wake. If you're discovering the band for the first time as well, I highly recommend checking out War (which can also be heard in Episode five), Locking Up the Sun and Carnival of Rust.

You can find out more information about the two commissioned songs including lyrics and backstory by clicking the song you want below:


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