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Max Payne Awards

Max Payne's arrival in 2001 won numerous awards from websites, magazines and organisations. Below is a list of some of the titles given to the game which introduced Bullet Time to the gaming industry:

Europix 2002 "Quality Seal" Award (XBOX)

Golden Joystic 2002
    - Runners-Ups "XBOX Game of the Year"
    - Runners-Ups "Game Innovation of the Year" (Bullet Time)

ECTS 2002
    - Best PC Game of the Year - Italy
    - Best PC Game of the Year - Sweden
    - Best PC Game of the Year (Visitors Award)

BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Art)
    - Best PC Game
    - Best Action Game of 2001
    - Best Screenplay
    - Best Graphics
    - Revelation of the Year
    - Best Game of the Year

EuroGamer "Gaming Glob" Reader Awards
    - Best Game Cinematography Award of 2001
    - Best Game Character Award of 2001

Computer Gaming World
    - Best Innovation Destined for Overuse

Pelit Magazine
    - Readers Choice - Best Game of 2001
    - Best PC Action Game of 2001

XBOX Maniacs
    - Editor's Choice Award

    - Metascore 90 - Universal Acclaim (PC)
    - Metascore 90 - Universal Acclaim (XBOX)

Electric Playground
    - Best Game of 2001
    - Best PC Action Game
    - Best Graphics in a PC Game

Game Revolution
    - Editor's Choice Best Action Game

    - Best Adventure Game
    - Editor's Choice Award
    - Best Use of Sound
    - Best Storyline of the Year
    - Best Graphics of the Year
    - Game of the Year

    - Best XBOX Game of 2001

Head to Head Gaming
    - Editor's Pick

Angry Gamers
    - Seal of Approval

Augusta Chronicle
    - Computer Game of the Year

Tweakers Asylum
    - Life Sentence Award
    - Pick Award

Game Sector
    - Hot Award

    - Gamers Choice Award
    - Highly Recommended Award

Gaming Excellence
    - Editor's Choice Award

    - Award for Excellence

    - Intelligent Choice Award

Game Reviewers
    - PC Game of the Year

Joystick Review
    - Best Action Game 2001

Action Vault
    - PC Game of the Year
    - Character of the Year

Game Revolution
    - The Game of 2001 - PC

    - Reader's Choice Single Play Action Game of 2001
    - Reader's Choice Game of 2001
    - Best Single Player Action Game
    - Videogame of the Year
    - Best Action Game of the Year
    - Best PC Game of 2001

    - Gamer's Choice - PC Action Game
    - Best Gimmick of 2001
    - (Runner Up) Best Ingame Cinematic.
    - (Runner Up) Best Movie Trailer

Voodoo Extreme
    - Third Person Game of the Year
    - 2001 Game of the Year
    - 2001 PC Action Game of the Year)

    - Best of 2001

    - PC Game of the Year

Adrenaline Vault
    - Seal of Excellence

Gamers Pulse
    - Platinum Heart Award

4 Gamers
    - Platin Award

PC Gamer (Oct. 2001 Issue)
    - PC Gamer Editors' Choice (90%)

MikroBitti (Jan. 2002)
    - Game of the Year


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