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Dodging Tutorial
Alan Wake Walkthrough / Episode 01

You can probably play the game without a lot dodging, however it's extremely handy for those tricky moments later on when the protagonist is overrun by Taken. It's also a pretty important element at the start of the game too as the player has to dodge twice before the game allows you to move onto the next section.

Scenario: Alan will come across a clearing in the woods with an axe-wielding Taken blocking the gate opposite. This begins the dodging tutorial. The gate can't be reached even when the antagonist leaves his position as it's covered in shadows. Once the player dodges twice, the Taken will vanish and the gate will open.

To successfully dodge the enemy attack, press the dodge keys as the Taken raises his weapon.

With an XBOX360 Controller:
Left Back Button + Left Analogue Stick

With a Keyboard and Mouse
Shift + Direction Keys (W,A,S,D)

How the Game Helps:
As it's the start of the game, the player won't be expected to know how to dodge straight away, therefore on-screen hints will be available. Once the player dodges the enemy once, text will appear reading "Well Done!" so you know you've correctly executed the move. Additionally successful dodges may also activate a cinematic camera shot.


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